Month: August 2017


Pursue You knew me from the beginning You knew all that is within me Yet You pursued me All the way from Heaven Yet You shielded me With Your body broken beyond — Even before I knew You You came to me Even before I wanted You Your desire for me — At the cross …

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Shield.. Jesus came.. A shield You are You became To us — With Your own body Strokes rained on You Merciless.. Bones stared at You.. Stripes became one — For who.. For Your beloved ones For you.. For me.. — Shielded Your own With Yourself — Took the burden Upon Yourself — Never once You …

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Rejoice in the Lord

Sermon note (4th svc) Whenever we read from the Bible and we read about destroying enemies, those enemies back then under the law are real enemies. It is also spiritual enemies; sicknesses and diseases. 2000 years ago, Jesus hang on the cross and by His stripe we are healed. Animal sacrifice, they find the vessel …

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