Month: June 2018


Turmoils Unrest —- Seeking.. Yet in vain Searching Yet clueless — Assuring eyes Loving eyes Telling me All is well —- Waves upon waves Rushing at me Unrest… —- Yet You said Waves upon waves Of grace i shall give —- Eyes filled with love Eyes filled with assurance Telling me.. All is well —- …

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Sanity in insanity

Morning starts.. And night arrives.. Sanity in life One seek… — Emptiness it seems Hollow it echos — Life came… Came when we were lost Life gave Infuse into death and gave life — Seeking high Seeking low Insanity life seems — Sanity came Came into insanity — Barabbas released Exchanged for Jesus.. On that …

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Trophy 🏆 Beyond all measures.. Beyond all who speak Speak of what we want Desire of achievement to gain… — What do one need to achieve A trophy yet meaningless Trophy of pride.. Trophy of achievement.. — Searching high and low.. Seeking approvals of men Vanity of vanity All in vain —- From all glory …

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