Apple of Your eyes

Pacing up
Pacing down
Wandering in
The wilderness
A howling wilderness
No one found me…
Wasted time
It seems
No one cares
It seems…
Kept me in..
The apple of Your eyes
Left the 99
You came searching for me
You found me
And came running to me
To embrace someone like me
Like an eagle
Your wings spread
Covered me
And hide me under
Your mighty loving wings
Come near to Me
You so desire
To embrace me
Tightly in Your outstretched arms
From a wilderness
To a land
Filled with milk and honey
From a wasted land
To a land
Fillled with produce of the field
You filled me
A prodigal son
A slave i deserved to be
A rehearsed speech I have prepared…
Yet You came running..
To crown me..
Like a jewel on the crown You see me
A slave so unworthy
Yet You lifted me so high
As a trophy You proudly lifted me
So underserving
So unworthy
I am
Yet You paid such price
At the cross
With Your body
You shielded me
From swords of punishment
Beloved, You called me to be
Lifted me high
You proudly accepted me
Into Your arms You embraced me so tight

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