Windows of the soul

Beautiful and beyond

Gentle yet affirming

Beyond description 


Behold Your beauty

My beloved..You affirm me

Deserving nothing

Yet You gives

Achieve not on my own

And You freely give

Give Yourself

Fully to me

Give Yourself

Freely to me

Love You with all my heart I could not

And Jesus, You said…

You love me with all Your heart..

You love me with all Your soul..

You love me with all Your mind…

And everlasting love..

You have promised to me..

Up You went

To the cruel cross

Meant for me

Shield You became

Until all is finished

Rain of judgement

Fully You absorbed

Rain of shame

Fully You took


Never one second 

You stop to think

With the eyes that speak

Speak of Your unspeakable love

With the eyes that speak

Affirming me…

All is well..


I have taken the cross

For you…


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