My ℓσνє…

Knowing who I am
You came.
Knowing me inside out
You still ℓσνє me
ℓσνє me beyond what I can imagine

Nothing of me I see that is worth of Your ℓσνє
Yet in Your eyes, I am precious
Nothing of me I see that is worth Your suffering
Yet You came down all the way from heaven
Took all that I need to suffer
With open arms and You said
I am willing

The eyes of Your ℓσνє gaze at me
The eyes of Your willingness melted me
The eyes that said, My ℓσνє, I am willing, come home…

Come home to Him
Come home to His lovely embrace

In His presence is fullness of joy…
With the joy set before Him, He went to the cross…
And this joy, He said is me..

Come home to Me..
My yoke is easy
My burden is light

Strife not….
For in My embrace, there is rhythm of grace…
For in My embrace, there is warmth

Behold You, O, Jesus…
For Your eyes has never left Your ℓσνє…
And You called me,” My ℓσνє”

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