Praise Poems

Poems I was inspired to write about Jesus

Sanity in insanity

By EvelynZoe | Jun 5, 2018

Morning starts.. And night arrives.. Sanity in life One seek… — Emptiness it seems Hollow it echos — Life came… Came when we were lost Life gave Infuse into death and gave life — Seeking high Seeking low Insanity life seems — Sanity came Came into insanity — Barabbas released Exchanged for Jesus.. On that […]

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By EvelynZoe | Jun 3, 2018

Trophy 🏆 Beyond all measures.. Beyond all who speak Speak of what we want Desire of achievement to gain… — What do one need to achieve A trophy yet meaningless Trophy of pride.. Trophy of achievement.. — Searching high and low.. Seeking approvals of men Vanity of vanity All in vain —- From all glory […]

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Broken Chains

By EvelynZoe | Jun 2, 2018

Broken Chains Chains bound Bondage held Hold what seems important Hold them so tight — Problems big beyond what I can handle Big beyond my hands could hold Tears found no more Heart cried out from within — Crown of thorns worn tight Hit right into Your brow Hit without mercy Breath held tight — […]

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It is good…

By EvelynZoe | Apr 4, 2018

Dark cloud seems overwhelming… Tunnel seems far to see the light Beyond what I can see Beyond what I can imagine Light seems far… —- Talk about faith Talk about believe Yet i could not feel —- Could it be… I have lost my song Could it be… I am lost —- Yet Jesus said.. […]

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Reckless love of God

By EvelynZoe | Mar 18, 2018

Overwhelming Never ending Reckless love of God — Recklessly You so love me That I could not grasp Recklessly You chose me And I could not fathom —- Love beyond description Love beyond agenda Love You shower on me Love You gave Yourself to me… — Knowing who am I, Inside out… Yet You still […]

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A Sweet Dream

By EvelynZoe | Mar 15, 2018

Strangers came together Friends came together Enter into a world Where worries seems far — Seems to be transported into a world You went through The steps You took The sufferings You went through All happened at the world we went to. — Knowing You will go through The sufferings man could not imagine Fully […]

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Before I knew You…

By EvelynZoe | Jan 21, 2018

Undeserved I am, Yet You came —— Not knowing I need saving Saviour, You came to me —— Before I knew You You have loved me.. With everlasting love You pursued me all the way —— You love me… With all your heart and all your mind You love me… With Your life —— Shielded me… […]

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By EvelynZoe | Aug 17, 2017

Pursue You knew me from the beginning You knew all that is within me Yet You pursued me All the way from Heaven Yet You shielded me With Your body broken beyond — Even before I knew You You came to me Even before I wanted You Your desire for me — At the cross […]

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By EvelynZoe | Aug 11, 2017

Shield.. Jesus came.. A shield You are You became To us — With Your own body Strokes rained on You Merciless.. Bones stared at You.. Stripes became one — For who.. For Your beloved ones For you.. For me.. — Shielded Your own With Yourself — Took the burden Upon Yourself — Never once You […]

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