Praise Poems

Poems I was inspired to write about Jesus

Rejoice in the Lord

By EvelynZoe | Aug 6, 2017

Sermon note (4th svc) Whenever we read from the Bible and we read about destroying enemies, those enemies back then under the law are real enemies. It is also spiritual enemies; sicknesses and diseases. 2000 years ago, Jesus hang on the cross and by His stripe we are healed. Animal sacrifice, they find the vessel […]

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By EvelynZoe | Jul 4, 2017

Jesus Himself came.. Not by others.. But by Himself… — Nothing.. No one else.. Can heal.. — Only You, Jesus.. Can heal my heart… — A hole so deep.. A stab so deep.. Only You.. Jesus.. can restore.. — Restore my heart Anchor of my soul.. — Cry out to You.. From the inside.. Cry […]

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By EvelynZoe | Jun 30, 2017

Staring in the ceiling Looking out of the window — Daze… — Love without condition.. Love without expecting.. What is this love… — How painful it was.. On the cross You were left alone.. How painful You must have felt.. When You shouted My God My God why have You forsaken Me — You were […]

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oh Daddy God…

By EvelynZoe | Jun 29, 2017

    oh Daddy God… You are my refuge… You are my fortress… You never leave me.. You never forsake me.. oh Daddy God.. You are always with me.. Till the end of time.. oh Daddy God.. You are my refuge.. oh Daddy God.. You hold my hands.. In my darkest hour… Beyond what I […]

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As I have loved you…

By EvelynZoe | May 30, 2017

More than you ask or think More than you can ever imagine My love for you never ending.. — With all My heart With all My soul With all My strength I, have given you all.. — Jesus..Jesus.. How can it be.. God who came.. From Heaven above To die for me.. Your life for […]

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If only you knew..

By EvelynZoe | Apr 8, 2017

If only you knew.. The thirst you desire You just need to ask And you shall receive — Receive living water You shall never thirst again Out of your belly Flows rivers of living water — Fountain of water Flows.. — What do you thirst Thirst for love Thirst for acceptance Thirst that seems unquenchable […]

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Boldly I stand..Boldly I rest..

By EvelynZoe | Apr 5, 2017

Boldly I stand For You are my Shepherd — Boldly I rest In Christ  — In trials In storms In confusion  Am lost And You came To protect.. — Bean of Light  You shine On the path i walk — Your rod Your staff They protect They guide me.. — Boldly I stand In Your […]

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Chains broken

By EvelynZoe | Apr 4, 2017

Chains broken Into pieces — This love Profusely poured out This love Fight to death — This love Jesus first came Sought for me Fought for me Before i know Him — Into pieces You torn Torn the chains  With all Your might To protect me With all Your might — O what Love is […]

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In Christ I belong

By EvelynZoe | Mar 30, 2017

Jesus Jesus.. You saw me You found me You love me Never once You leave me Alone… — When You saw my tears  You wiped it all up And embrace me in Your arms  So tightly.. — Shield You are To me — Dearly You hold on to me Not returning heaven without me You […]

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