Trophy 🏆

Beyond all measures..

Beyond all who speak

Speak of what we want

Desire of achievement to gain…

What do one need to achieve

A trophy yet meaningless

Trophy of pride..

Trophy of achievement..

Searching high and low..

Seeking approvals of men

Vanity of vanity

All in vain


From all glory in heaven

A Man came

Knowing the storyline

Knowing the beginning and the end

And You chose

Chose me despite knowing me inside out

Chose to come down and save me

Torn veil with Your body

With Your body

You shielded me


Hung in the air

Darkness throughout the earth


Who were You thinking..

Thinking of me who did not care


I did not care I needed saving

Yet You chose

Chose to come down for me

To give me this trophy

Trophy of Your love

For me…

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